Where to start?

I was fortunate enough to get a computer in our home in the early 80s (which was still relatively unusual at that time!) and worked my way through BASIC, Z80 and 6502 machine code, and then took a break from computers.

I came back to the computer world in the early 90s, and by the mid 90s, the "web" as we know it was just becoming a thing, and I was introduced to PHP/FI (PHP version 2!) in early 1996. I've been working with "dynamic" web applications ever since, and it's been quite a wild ride.

While I'm originally from Michigan, I currently call the Raleigh, NC area home.

lessons learned

Between working for extremely large companies and small startups, I've tried to figure out some of the most important things for project success. What's worked, what's not worked? What are the common traits shared by successful technology projects? Surprisingly, the conclusion I've come to has little to do with technology, but is, in fact, communication.

I've yet been on a technology project which was declared a failure because someone couldn't put a button on a screen, or couldn't write a database query, or any other typical task people think of which "tech" projects. Indeed, the projects I've been on which suffered the most always suffered because of poor (or non-existent) communication. Similarly, the core trait shared by successful projects has been communication. Lots of it, clear, with open lines for feedback, questions, changes and all that other non-tech stuff.

Takeaway from this? If we work together, I'm going to want to communicate, and expect the same from you and your team.

ready to start?

Let's start that communication process off! :) Give me a ring at +1-919-271-1162