laravel blueprint factory fix

I took a look at blueprint last year-ish, and… held off. It was a bit too new for my comfort level, but still looked quite useful.

A couple months ago, I took a fresh look, and planned to use it for a new project.

I got things set up, generated models and tests and whatnot from my yaml file and… the tests didn’t work(!). Sure enough, someone else had the same problem. While issue was reported, there wasn’t any progress on it, so I tried to tackle it myself.

Long story short… my initial patch was wrong. My second patch… worked, but I didn’t have any tests demonstrating it (but the initial tests in place didn’t catch it anyway).

Jason McCreary, the project owner, took the time to take the core idea in my patch, and make it fit better in to the project, and… with release 2.4.0, my fix is contributed(!) Thank you Jason, for taking those extra steps. I’ve had other PRs I’ve done in the past where I didn’t follow some specific steps or process, and the fix was just ignored. Pointing out the root cause, and having someone more knowledgeable take it across the finish line, turned out great. 🙂

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