k as in knife

Many moons ago my earlier version of my blog had this list I use when spelling things for people over the phone. I managed to find it at archive.org and thought I’d repost…

  • a as in aisle (or aye)
  • b as in bdellium 
  • c as in czar
  • d as in djibouti
  • e as in eight
  • f as in fjord 
  • g as in gnaw
  • h as in herb 
  • i as in isle (ioan was recommended but I’m split on this one)
  • j as in jalepeno
  • k as in knife
  • l as in Lladro (llano was another suggested alternate)
  • m as in mnemonic
  • n as in Nguyen (or ngwee)
  • o as in oestrogen
  • p as in pneumatic
  • q as in queue (or quay – pronounced ‘kay’)
  • r as in ???? 
  • s as in scene (or sea)
  • t as in tao (pronounced with the ‘t’ as a ‘d’) 
  • u as in uakari 
  • v as in “Five” (as in the roman numeral five – yes, a bit weak, but still gives the level of confusion suitable for phone conversations) 
  • w as in wrench (or ‘why’)
  • x as in xenon 
  • y as in yttrium (Yvonne might work better for the phone?)
  • z as in ????????

Got some ideas to help fill in the blanks? Let me know!

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