Importance of backups

Well… here we are.  10 years later, and … no backups.  Or… none of the data that’s important.

Recently had a drive crash in my main server where this blog is hosted.  Had it happen 2 years ago, but the data was recovered, and I put everything on automatic backups.  Using virtualmin, a great control panel, I had it automatically back things up to s3 and to a second local drive.

HOWEVER… I got lazy.  I made some databases by hand, instead of using the virtualmin tools (either CLI tools or web screen) and the blog database had been disassociated with the main domain account, and it wasn’t backed up.

I’ve just lost 10 years of blog posts, comments, etc.  I’ve asked for the drive, if it’s still around, to be shipped to me, and I may try to recover data (a few other bits would be really useful to have as well), but I’ve had to come to terms with the notion that it just may be gone.  

This may energize me to post here more, however.  I’ve gotten a bit lazy and engaged people more on facebook the last year or so, vs here, and I’ve missed posting here, so… I may be back in more volume soon!

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